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"Being a ‘Stroudy’ I was open minded when Alice introduced me to EFT. I have previously used hypnosis successfully so as to give up smoking. During the pandemic I had put on lots of weight and was struggling to find the motivation to pass through the front door. EFT took me on a very emotional journey, I had no idea that my fears were so deep. Since completing the course, I have lost one and a half stone and I have found the motivation to take a walk or a cycle every day."

Carol, Gloucestershire

“Alice is a joy to work with. She is extremely intuitive and our sessions always uncovered subconscious beliefs and past trauma which she helped me to clear. Alice is particularly empathetic and I always feel safe and able to talk freely in our sessions. I highly recommend her sessions.”

Sarah Doll-Steinberg, London

"Alice's sessions have helped me so much and have transformed my life. I have social anxiety & general anxiety and have always struggled in social situations and felt low, anxious and depressed.


These sessions have opened my eyes to finding solutions in life and have made me start a whole new one. I have started to get out more often, stay calm when I see my friends, focus on work and even go to the gym regularly. I hardly feel depressed and when I do, I book an online session which clears my head right away. I also got help with traumas and some hidden thoughts, feelings and memories that I never thought existed and that I have ignored for a long time. I cannot recommend Alice enough. So thankful for this and I wish any struggling person to try it at least once."

Feras, London

“The last year has been an anxiety-provoking time. Redundancy, followed by the decision to move out of London lead to a rapid increase in anxiety levels and severe disruption of my sleep patterns. I must confess that I was sceptical about EFT. But I have to say that it proved to be really helpful. Conducting the therapy via Zoom, Alice put me at my ease, in a friendly, professional and supportive manner, with clear explanations of what she needed me to do, despite the distance necessitated by the pandemic. My anxiety levels significantly decreased, and the therapy has helped me regain a sense of perspective. My sleeping is also much improved. I would be more happy to recommend Alice’s therapeutic practice to others. It was a genuine help. Thank you!”


Chris, London

"Alice really helped me with processing a specific memory that had been troubling me. Her calm, professional manner put me at my ease, and her kindness meant I was happier than I thought I would be to open up. The tapping was soothing and relaxing, and I felt a lot lighter at the end of her session. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."


Richard, London

"Alice is caring, kind and very intuitive therapist. She listens attentively to understand, not just how to respond. I’ve also found her asking the key questions, which resulted getting to the core of the issue much quicker."

Rejhan, London

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