About EFT

EFT or tapping is a simple, gentle and effective technique which is often referred to as Psychological acupressure. It uses the same system as acupuncture but without the needles. Instead, you lightly tap on specific points on your hands, face and torso. 


During an EFT session, we work to find the root of the issue. This often takes the form of an unprocessed emotion, thought or memory.  We gently bring the root to mind whilst tapping on the meridian endpoints. Tapping on these points sends calming signals to the amygdala in the brain which reduces stress around the issue and allows us to begin processing it. 

EFT is a multi-use technique that can be applied to almost anything. This includes self-compassion, traumas, sleep problems, limiting beliefs, phobias, to help reach goals, physical pains and illnesses. It is a wonderful technique which once learnt, can be self-applied and used in all areas of your life which can be very empowering.

When we are not achieving what we would like to, there are often images, fears or beliefs that are holding us back. Our job is to identify these and to apply EFT to them. Once we have done this, we can then apply EFT to the goal itself to make it more believable, achievable and compatible with us.


This can be used for any goal such as achieving in work, becoming a more loving person or on affirmations.

Working on Potentials and reaching goals

Working with Issues

When we have unprocessed memories or emotions, these can lead to disturbances in the body’s energy systems. These disturbances can lead to high emotional intensity which can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress and even illness. Within an EFT session, we work on the underlying root causes by tapping on the meridian endpoints whilst bringing them to mind. This works to calm, process and release the blockage or disturbance.

Where did it Come from?

EFT itself was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s and is based on Roger Callahan’s work in Thought Field Therapy. The systems behind it, however, date back much further. The points we use in EFT are 5000 years old and are part of the ancient medical History of many cultures such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.