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15 minute grounding and centring sessions


What are they?

These are 15 minute 1-1 sessions in which we use a variety of techniques to help you ground, centre and balance. These will mostly be Emotional Freedom Techniques but may include some other methods.


Who are they for?

These may help someone who feels stressed and not grounded or balanced and who wants a short session where a practitioner is present to hold the space for them and lead them through techniques to help them calm and to bring them back to themselves.


What is the difference between these and your full length sessions?

Unlike in my hour long EFT sessions, these sessions are not designed to get to the core of the issue. They are simply working with where you are in the present moment and on helping you to come back to a more balanced state. If you have long standing issues you would like to work on, I recommend having a full length session where we can work on getting to the root of your issue.


These sessions cost £20 for 15 minutes.

They take place over zoom.

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